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I rode a bicycle across the country a few tears back went to almost every national park along the way. It was the greatest adventure in my life so many memories and pictures

Went up the coast. Ate at happy hour bars and hotel breakfasts. Seen sights I never imagined my head was getting clear. I still had to survive though with no money. It didn’t matter for me I did have the gift to cab and still do. Went to San Francisco for a while peddled around there seen some amazing things, Then to Sequa National park, Kings Canyon. Incredible. That song came on 4 none blondes WHTS GOIN ON. All alone with an incredible Walkman ha-ha then off to Yosemite national park Stayed there a month. People just wanted to wine and dine me coz they seen me peddle in and new I had a story. It was fun hiking fishing exploring. From there I rode to Zion national park Mormon territory another must see place. Then down to Vegas, Lake Mead lake Powel Hover dam Boulder dam. Boat riding jumping off the cliffs what a journey. From there I went to Arizona all over stayed and lived with the Indians for a while in them dug out houses they were cool. Then to Grand Canyon. Both rims North rim was 10,000 ft above sea level so they closed that in September or October it snowed. To get to the south rim it was a 280 mile ride but a mile or so across. South rim was 8000 feet above sea level so it was open all year. When you walked down to the river it was a 2 mile walk then you were in the desert hot real hot you had to carry 2 gallons of water to walk down. It was amazing, all this chaos I was a part of I turned it around into something beautiful. I rode to Colorado up and down the continental divide 7 timesAspen, Bolder Breckenridge. One thing I learned you don’t ride up coz my bike with gear was 120 Lbs. So I stood in the middle of the road and trucks would pull over and ask where do you want to go? To the top I said, I can handle it from there. Snow was still deep in June 10,000 feet above sea level. Went to Rocky national park, Mesa Verde National Park. All over Colorado Hot springs everywhere. Just pulled over dammed up a stream and bathed in hot water Lithium (Salt baths to this day lithium is a salt derivative. A natural relaxer Epson salt baths

Then from there CA was a world away so I peddled to PA. I took 5 months And was a ones in a life time I did no drugs or really drank till I reached PA and of course my brother and sister thought it was a good idea to have a few drinks and tell my tail of the most amazing trip in a life time. I had no plans and didn’t know from one day to another where I was going I just looked at a map when I woke up and thought to myself that place isn’t too far away.  If you want to make GOD laugh tell him your plans. I had none so I had an incredible time.


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