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Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a United States National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site that straddles the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are a division of the larger Appalachian Mountain chain. The border between Tennessee and North Carolina runs northeast to southwest through the centerline of the park. It is the most visited national park in the United States. On its route from Maine to Georgia, the Appalachian Trail also passes through the center of the park. The park was chartered by the United States Congress in 1934 and officially dedicated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940. It encompasses 522,419 acres (816.28 sq. mi; 211,415.47 ha; 2,114.15 km2), [1] making it one of the largest protected areas in the eastern United States. The main park entrances are located along U.S. Highway 441 (Newfound Gap Road) at the towns of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Cherokee, North Carolina. It was the first national park whose land and other costs were paid for in part with federal funds; previous parks were funded wholly with state money or private funds




French Creek

French Creek 6 AM. New Camera Tripod F stop way open. Very Peaceful

Well I have had my share of health problems throughout my life, I have always survived, recovered to hike another day. I was on one of my daily walks. 3 or 4 miles in a gorgeous setting. I got done was chatting with park ranger and I was feeling great. Got in the Saab roof down, Said bye to my friend the ranger. The next thing I remember was nothing! I had a seizer. The first one ever in my life. Well let me tell you I didn’t know my name where I was, nothing. I guess at some point I had taken my wallet out and dropped it. Thank GOD the Ranger seen the whole thing. I was going slowly she said but the car did stop when it hit a one inch round tree. Both air bags deployed. I was able to get out of car. She was on phone calling the Calvary, Police, fire trucks. As always GOD was on my side that morning before they towed my car she said Stop this is my park and I am going to clean it out first. Laptop, Tablet, cellphone. Little did I know in PA. Towing and storage is unregulated those bastards wanted $400 to tow and $350 a day for storage 350 x 8 days +400 =$3200. Sleaze bags…. Here is my tumor Cancer. So they strapped me in and took me to Reading Trauma Center. The Dr took it out. Now I have to look forward to radiation & Chemo. I will be hiking soon maybe not as radical this summer. That was scary not knowing who I was or where I was  

My Brain             

Anna Lady Slippers

There is a Russian folk lore about The Flower “Lady Slippers”.

In Russia if a poor man wants to marry a women and has really no means to support her. He asks the Father of the women to take her hand in Marriage. The Father says “but you have no means to support my daughter” The father says “go into the mountains and find this flower and bring it to me”. So the man who loves this women goes into the hills to search for this flower “The Lady Slipper”. He may be gone weeks, months even a year. But he is so determined to find this flower! Upon his return with the flower, the father said you have been gone months you really love my daughter. Thus he gives him his permission to marry her…..

In 2010, the Sarasota Chalk Festival became the first international street painting festival in the United States of America, inviting artists from around the world to participate. Setting a unique theme for each year was instituted for the planning of each annual event with that year as well. Documenting the origins, diversity, spirit, appeal, and growing popularity of street painting, filming for a 2013 film on modern street painting around the world began with scenes and interviews at the first international Sarasota festival;

Here are some pictures I took. Enjoy

Marton Lither King

This is Katie. She is from Vermont


All done

Chalk Art full street

One word!!!  “Talent”


Full Street Chalking


They all worked so hard. What a great week. I met so many wonderful Artist